September 2012

National Parks and Wildlife Services Visit

Rebecca, from the National Parks and Wildlife Services, recently visited 1st and 2nd classes, where she began by asking the children to name Living Things, reminding them to include both plants and animals and not to forget insrcts. She then presented a powerpoint display, showing lots of examples of wildlife in Ireland and naming the unknown plants and animals. she also supplied lots of extra interesting facts.
To introduce the topic of Living Things, she broadened the discussion to the Planet Earth and how it is mostly made up of water and that this is one of the key elements that keeps living things alive. Food and sunlight were also mentioned.
Rebecca then drew the children’s attention to the differences between the animal and plant kingdom. she followed this by discussing the inter relationships that exist between animals and plants. The various classes of living things were discussed and the children got a chance to “be” various living things. Other children then had to order them in relation to other living things, either as predator or food! This was a great activity to illustrate Food Chains for the children.
All in all, a great morning’s learning in 1st and 2nd class!

Parent Association

The Parent Association AGM takes place in the School Hall on Tuesday September 11th at 8pm.
Please come along and show your support for the PA.

The Parent Association are holding their annual Used Clothes Collection at Halloween and will soon be accepting bags of unwanted
clothes, shoes, bags etc for this collection. this is a good opportunity for the whole school community to work together for the good of all the children, so please support.

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