May 2013

School Tours
There were two tours this year. The junior classes headed to the ever popular Turoe Pet Farm in Galway, while the Senior classes headed to Galway also, for an Activity Tour in UCG. A great day was had by all.

ACE Award
The ACE Committee were delighted to announce in May that the school had been awarded the Bronze Ace Award this year and that we are already well on our way to receiving the Silver Award. Two of the many activities that were a part of our getting this award were the Food Dudes Programme and the 6th Class Marathon Challenge. In April, the children in Junior and Senior Infants were given Fruit and Veg to eat each day. This food was sponcered by Buckley’s Supervalue and served by parents from the Parents Association. To encourage the older girls to exercise regularly, Mrs. Keena set them the challenge of running a Marathon, over the month of May, a km or 2 each day. All of the girls completed the challenge and were cheered over the finish line by the rest of the School.

Stay Safe Survey

Please find below link for Stay Safe Survey to be completed by Parents.


There was great excitement recently when our caterpillars arrived to start their amazing journey to becoming butterflies, watched over with great anticipation by us all. It will take approximately 2 weeks for the caterpillars to reach the chrysalis stage and then another two weeks until they emerge from their cocoons as fully formed butterflies. We hope to record this wonderful miracle of nature in photographs, so watch this space!

First Holy Commumion
Congratulations to all the girls in 2nd class who received their First Holy Communion on May 11th in St Patrick’s Church and a big thank you to all who helped in any way make the day special for them.

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