Green School

St Brigid’s Primary School is proud to be a green school. The Green School initiative promotes long-term, whole-school action for the environment. The programme is operated and co-ordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (FEE member for Ireland). This programme is very valuable as it teaches all of us to be more aware of our environment and to treat our planet with respect. The Green School programme examines different aspects of the environment. Each year a committee is formed which includes pupils, staff and members of the wider community. Their job is to facilitate the implementation of a plan which will help our environment.

To date we have been awarded the following green flags: Litter and Waste Management, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation , Travel and Biodiversity.

2022: This year we are in the second year of a two year cycle  working towards our 6th flag: Global Citizenship Litter and Waste. 

Step 1: The Green School Committee

The committee consists of representatives from 1st class upwards and staff representatives. Welcome Alice, Antonia, Aoife, Bianca, Cara, Emily, Farah, Laura Leah, Lily  and Heather! Staff representatives include Mrs. Gillivan, Ms. Mahony, Ms. Casey and Joe Farrington.

Meet the Green Team

Step 2: Environmental Review

In November the committee carried out an audit on the recycling and waste bins in our school. Classroom bins were weighed and analysed. The green school team are always up for a challenge and had no problem doing the dirty work! The committee made a bar chart to illustrate their findings. The staffroom in particular needs a lot of work!

A litter and waste survey was also completed by students from Junior Infants – Third Class. Junior and Senior Infants and First class answered Yes /No questions from the Green School Committee. 2nd and 3rd class completed a multiple choice survey online. The results from the audit and survey informed us that lots of pupils and staff are not sure what items go in the waste and recycling bins. It also showed us that pupils are not aware of the long term effects of littering or the benefits of recycling. We also hope to cut down on the weight of waste bins by 10 % this time next year. 

Fourth – Sixth class students carried out a survey on Global CItizenship. On completion of this survey the committee decided to focus on two areas where they lacked knowledge: Fairtrade and the origins of food. In particular the committee hope that the importance of buying local or growing your own food will be highlighted. Each committee member also researched the different nationalities in their classroom. Our diverse school includes many different nationalities.  We hope that by having a World Culture Day in 2022/23 we can learn more about the different nationalities our school represents. 


Step 3: Action Plan

The committee analysed the results from these surveys and based on their findings an action plan for made. Please click below to read our action plan until June 2023.


We were delighted to partake in the Shoebox appeal for Team hope this year. Such initiatives help to increase awareness about global poverty and helps promote our links and partnership with other countries. Sixth class girls also made Christmas decorations this year for a local charity in Athlone. 

Spring Planting


We have been very busy this year planting in our lovely school garden. The green school committee helped plant a seed with each pupil in the school. The girls and boys planted radishes, beetroot and salad leaves in handmade newspaper pots. We hope they will grow in all the gardens! In the school garden we grew carrots, salad leaves, pumpkins, strawberries and radishes. We also grew cosmos flowers and sweet peas. The committee did a super job tending to the seedlings, watering them daily and planting them out. We hope to be able to harvest pumpkins next October!  Check out the gallery below to see how bountiful our garden looks! 

Fairtrade Awareness

In June the 6th class committee members gave a lesson in each classroom about Fairtrade. We hope everyone is aware of the Fairtrade logo and what it means. 2nd - 6th class worked on different activities based on Fairtrade and winners were selected in each class. Congrats to Emer who did a super checklist of all the Fairtrade items in her house. 3rd class winner Daina wrote a wonderful acrostic poem about Fairtrade. Well done to Elyssa in 4th class who calculated the kilometres some of our favourite foods travel to reach us. 5th class girls Myah and Shania compared the price of fairtrade products with non fairtrade products. 6th class girls entertained us all with super debates focusing on Fairtrade. Some motions discussed included It's worth buying fair trade products, even when they cost a little more and It's important for children to learn about fairtrade at a young age. Sarah and Saoirse were the most convincing in their arguments and they won a prize for their wonderful efforts.

Presentation to 6th Class Committee Members

The Green School Committee were so lucky to have Heather and Laura working with them the past year. The girls did trojan work in guiding and leading the initative. They also looked after the garden with daily watering and tending. They showed great passion about our environment and we are very proud of their hard work. 

Spring Bulb Planting 2022
Well done to all the girls who helped plant the Spring bulbs. A selection of narcissus, tulips and crocus were planted. We hope they will bring colour to our garden in Spring.