Equine Visit – June 2024

This month we welcomed George and Trish from Hug Equine Assisted Learning. Some of the children enjoyed a workshop with George and loved every minute of it. Thanks to Anna who shared her report with us about the experience.

I was in class when Ms. Galvin asked me to go with her. We went outside to the yard there was a horse van and a horse named George. Before we started we were told the rules. Some kids from my class put cones around the yard and they had different emotions attached to them. They had sad, happy, love and you could choose which emotion you wanted to walk George to. We were allowed walk the horse to the cones. When we got to a cone George’s owner would talk to us about the emotion on the cone and give advice. It started to rain for a few minutes and we brought George to the shed and there was a box of brushes. We were allowed brush George and decorate his mane and tail with bobbins and hair clips. When George had to go we hugged and petted him. It was the best school day ever.

By Anna

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